Cenforce FM 100 mg

We’ve got used to the common idea that Viagra is meant to be taken specifically by men with the erectile dysfunction, and till recently it was true. Actually, the official website of Viagra says that there is no such a pill as female Viagra, and this is true, too. Pfizer Inc. does not produce this medicine, and they own the brand. However, those who follow the news of pharmacology know that many companies, especially in India, have decided to find a solution for women who are not satisfied with their sexual life. 

As well as men can have certain problems with getting their penis hard, many women do not feel any arousal during the intercourse, which makes sex less satisfying, if not painful. This is called female sexual arousal disorder, or FSAD. It manifests itself in many ways, from improper vaginal lubrication to anorgasmia and complete loss of interest in intimate relations. As you can imagine, it troubles all spheres of women’s lives a lot, ruining families, developing depressions, etc. 

There is a treatment approved by the Food and Drugs Administration, USA, Addyi pills, they increase serotonin level, actually working as an antidepressant. However, they have too many side effects and dangers, and they do not always work. Serotonin agonist is good when the problem is related to some mental or brain chemistry ailments, but what if the roots of the inability to get pleasure from sex are somewhere else? 

So, the blue pill has turned pink, and now helps lots of women all over the world. And while European and American authorities and men of science still argue and need further research, their Indian colleagues have made the decision, and produce the medicine that effectively and safely solves the FSAD issues. Cenforce FM 100 mg is one of the best representatives of such tablets.

How It Happened

Viagra as an erectile dysfunction medicine was invented by chance, in the late 20th century. Doctors wanted to find the treatment for cardiovascular disorders, and failed, however, when they were already to stop their trials of the new drug, their male patients reported about the strange but pleasing side effect — hard and long erection after taking the pill. The research was proceeded in this new direction, and the scientists found out that sildenafil, which was the name of the bioactive agent they studied, really recovers sexual power of men with ED. Moreover, it did it in a very natural way, without severe adverse effects. 

In 1998, sildenafil pills were approved and patented by Pfizer, and the brand Viagra had quickly become the most popular and recognized in the world. The sales soared to billions dollars yearly. The popularity of the drug did another good job for men with the dysfunction — this topic was not something you couldn’t talk about in public anymore. Men were not shy to share their problem with friends and health advisers, as there was an affordable and effective treatment, impotence stopped being a death sentence to their intimate life. 

In 2012, companies from other countries have got the right to produce sildenafil tablets under their own brands, and this is how we got such famous generics as Cenforce. They are cheap, but not in lieu of the quality. The content is exactly the same as in Viagra, the effects and way of action do not differ at all. Moreover, these meds are available over-the-counter, so there is no need to wait for a prescription, you can buy it right from your home. 

Several years ago, Centurion Laboratories, as well as many other pharm producers, began to market sildenafil drugs for women who suffer from low sexual desire and inability to have a pleasure and orgasm during the intercourse. They have correctly reasoned that the same mechanism can be implemented to fix the female issues, because the pill does not bring an erection, it improves the functioning of a human body when we are sexually excited.

How It Works

When a person is stimulated, either physically or emotionally, his or her body starts a chain of chemical reactions that lead to vasodilation, particularly in genitals, increasing the blood flow there. This is what makes penis hard and so sensitive. But, it also works for clitoris and vagina, they need more blood too, so that a woman could have a pleasurable act of lovemaking. Together with higher sensitivity to genital stimulation comes higher sexual desire. There are also studies that show that Cenforce FM increases the natural vaginal lubrication. 

Sildenafil works by inhibiting phosphodiesterase type 5. This endogenous compound is produced by our body to ruin the cyclic guanosine monophosphate enzyme, which relaxes the smooth muscles in vessels, thus widening them and letting more blood come into the organs. When everything is normal, PDE5 starts working when the sexual act is over, and there is no need in a boner. In people with sexual dysfunctions, it is too active, it degrades and removes cGMP from the system too early. 

With Viagra, everything comes back to normal, and the greatest advantage is that you will not have an awkward hard-on when it is not needed — the pill works only if a person is sexually excited. We still do not have a clear idea of how it increases sexual desire in females, as the pill is not an aphrodisiac, but it works and helps many women live happily. 

The scientific research is still to be finished, but the existing results bring hopes that sildenafil will be approved and officially prescribed for women with FSAD. For example, we already know that PDE5 is found in the labial, clitoral, and vaginal tissues, and it seems to do the same job as it does in the male’s organs. Clinical trials made by several groups of medical researchers showed that it helps in cases when the sexual disorder is related to the use of antidepressant drugs, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc.

How to Take It

First of all, you have to be careful and buy the right pill. Counterfeit can harm you badly, so learn how to recognize the fake drugs:

  • the package is bright blue, on the front side you will see the name of the brand Cenforce FM and the sign Sildenafil Citrate Tablets; 
  • the package includes 10 blisters with 10 pills in each; 
  • on the upper side of the box you should find the logo of the producer, its name Centurion Laboratories, and the name of a parent company Centurion Remedies Pvt Ltd.; 
  • make sure that there is the batch number and the license, and also the production and expiration dates;
  • the blisters also should have the same information printed on them;
  • the tablets are bright-pink, diamond-shaped, with the number 100 on one side. 

Do not take sildenafil preparations if you:

  • have had a stroke or heart attack;
  • suffer from liver and/or kidney ailments;
  • are HIV-positive;
  • have cancer; 
  • have disorders with white or red blood cells, or problems with coagulation;
  • are not allowed to have sex due to various health issues;
  • have increased or decreased blood pressure, ischemic disease, any other cardiovascular illnesses;
  • suffer from stomach ulcer.

Such health problems as vision and hearing disorders should also be reported to your medical adviser before taking Cenforce FM 100 mg.

Viagra can be used with or without food, with only one precaution — do not mix it with grapefruit and its juice. The chemical compounds found in this citrus can increase the concentration of sildenafil in blood and lead to negative consequences. It also interacts with such drugs as:

  • other ED meds, like Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra, Vidalista, etc.;
  • nitrates, like Nitro-Bid, Nitrostat, and others;
  • preparations for hypertension;
  • ART components, such as ritonavir or indinavir;
  • alpha-blockers, e.g. Flomax, Uroxatral, Hytrin, and so on;
  • itraconazole and ketoconazole, indicated to combat mycotic infections;
  • erythromycin and other macrolide antibiotics.

Alcohol and recreational drugs should also be avoided if you use sildenafil, they all widen the arteries and lower blood pressure, and together can result in fainting and heart failure. 

The recommended dose for men is sildenafil 50 mg, however, the female tablet includes 100 mg of the active compound. It is a high dosage, so you should be very careful and never overdose. Do not take more than one pill in a day, and if you missed the dose take it as soon as possible, but remember—the next intake should not be sooner than 24 hours later. The pill starts working in about 30-60 minutes after you swallow it, and the action lasts for several hours. Sildenafil is not designed for everyday use, so you should take the tab only when you plan to have a romantic date. 

Usually, Viagra does not cause severe adverse reactions when taken properly. If you feel pain in your chest, back, head, or muscles, experience dizziness, flushes, diarrhea — wait a little, it is usual for those who take the pill for the first time. However, if these symptoms do not disappear with time, you should stop taking Cenforce and seek for medical advice. Immediately call to a hospital if you lose hearing or vision, or have allergic reaction, such as rash, swelling, nasal stuffiness, etc.

How To Buy It

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