Cenforce 100 mg

Millions of men all over the world sooner or later face this problem — erectile dysfunction. Inability to maintain a boner, hard and long enough to satisfy their partners, literally ruins lives of men. A man who loses his male power may also lose his self-esteem and interest to life, get depressed and apathetic to everything around him. Some even think that without an erection they are not men anymore. 

We will not argue if it is true or not here, the problem is huge and it requires an effective solution. And since the late 90s of the past century, we have the one — Viagra. This tablet was invented a couple of decades ago, and since then it had become a leader among medicinal bestsellers. In the USA, the patent to produce and market this brand belongs to Pfizer Inc., a famous pharmaceutical giant. 

However, since 2012, other companies in many countries got the right to manufacture their own brands of generic Viagra, which means that their products have the same ingredients, and thus — similar uses, action, effectiveness, and safety. India, one of the world leaders of the pharmaceutical industry, has benefited from the Pfizer’s international patent expiration, and nowadays supplies cheap, popular, and high-quality ED generics all over the world.


Cenforce is one the brands produced by Centurion Laboratories, it is the copy of Viagra, but much cheaper. The pills look pretty much like the branded version, they are blue and diamond-shaped, film-coated, with the sign 100 on one side. The package includes 10 blisters, with 10 tablets in each. Each strip has the expiration date on it, the symbol of the company, which is a galloping horse, the name of the product Cenforce-100, and the content of the main ingredient. 

On both package and blister you will see the sign Sildenafil Citrate Tablets. This means that the main working component of the pill is sildenafil. The package is made in two colors, white and pale-mint, the signs are black and readable. There should be the following information printed:

  • concentration of the active compound;
  • general info about the manufacturer — the name, logo, and address;
  • the batch number, and the number of the manufacturing license;
  • the dates of production and expiration;
  • short instructions on how to store the drug and recommended doses.

It is important to know how the original product looks like, because Viagra and its analogues are very popular, and there is a huge risk to buy counterfeits.

How It Works

As it’s been already mentioned, the chemical compound of Cenforce 100 mg that does all the job in our bodies, is sildenafil citrate. This is a bioactive agent that facilitates the proper blood flow to the cavernous body in the penis, and makes it ready for sex. Actually, sildenafil does not do anything for erection itself, it just improves the correct functioning of the male organism when it is needed. 

Here are the main steps taken by a man’s body to get a hard-on:

  • during the sexual stimulation, either emotional (words, images, etc.) or physical, it produces nitric oxide;
  • NO binds to the specific receptors and promotes the increased level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate;
  • this cGMP targets the special cells in the smooth muscles of penile vessels, leading to their relaxation;
  • this vasodilatory effect provides more blood get into the spongy tissues;
  • and here we are, a man gets a boner.

Obviously, there is a mechanism to make a penis go down when the intercourse is over. Phosphodiesterase type-5 enzyme, that works specifically with cGMP, degrading and excreting it from the body. 

Sometimes, PDE5 starts working too early, and men either do not have any erection at all, or the boner is too weak, or wilts before the intimate act is finished. Here is when sildenafil comes to the rescue. PDE5 does not see any difference between this compound and cGMP. It binds to Viagra and leaves the vasodilating enzyme alone, promoting healthy erection.

Indications and Uses

First of all, you have to remember that the erectile dysfunction is not an illness itself, it is a symptom, which may be induced by some underlying disorders. And there are chances that PDE5 inhibitors will not help. So, if you have any issues with a boner, you should not just buy and take Viagra, you have first to check if you can and should use it. Let’s see what you should pay attention to:

  • do you want your partner? Remember, that without sexual desire Viagra will not cause an erection. There is a simple tip on how to check it — just see if you have morning wood regularly, if it is hard and lasts for a long time. It means that you have no physical or biochemical ailments that prevent normal erection. You should consult your therapist, and solve psychological problems, it may help you bring the erection back;
  • the same method works for the detection of the physical defects that might prevent healthy boner. Viagra cannot help in cases when ED is related to some disorders and injuries of the penile tissues, and the boner is simply impossible;
  • sometimes, you simply do not need any pills. Check how often you have these failures, if the frequency is over 25%, then it is already a problem that needs. If it happens once in a while, do not take any drugs and talk to your doctor. Maybe, you lack enough sleep and relax, or are anxious, or stressed, etc.;
  • there are chances that before taking any tablets you’d better try to change your lifestyle. Binge drinking and smoking, junk foods, obesity and lack of physical activities, drugs abuse, and many other factors may disturb the ability to get and keep an erection. A healthier lifestyle can solve the underlying problem, and everything will come back to order;
  • consult your healthcare provider. This is the best rule for all cases and issues. Do not make any decisions related to your health without professional assistance.

The approved uses of sildenafil are ED and pulmonary hypertension. It can be also used to ease urination in patients with the enlarged prostate, there are clinical studies that prove this effect of the drug. 

Any other uses are not approved, and thus they are dangerous. Lots of young men who do not have any sexual problems take Viagra, thinking that it can make their penis or libido bigger, that it increases sexual attractiveness, or prolongs the boner so that they could make sex for several hours in a row. This is the misuse of the drug, which leads to severely negative consequences, e.g. the dependence and inability to have an erection without the medicine. 

Other examples of the off-label uses of sildenafil are:

  • sportsmen take it to improve the supply of blood to their muscles, and to increase their athletic performances;
  • the animal studies were held to research the effectiveness of the medicine to treat the jet lag symptoms;
  • students often take Viagra when clubbing, together with ecstasy and other stimulants to alleviate their side effect of ED. 

None of these actions was clinically proven, and to stay on the safe side when using this medication, you should take it only if it is advised to you by your doctor.

Doses And Methods of Administration

100 mg strength is not for beginners, men should not start using sildenafil citrate tablets from this dosage. Only if the common recommended dose Cenforce 50 mg does not help, you can try Cenforce 100 mg, and again — only if your medical specialist agrees that you need a stronger pill. The tablet should be taken not more than once a day, as a single intake. It is not allowed that you split, chew, or crash it. Sildenafil is administered only when needed, usually it starts working half an hour after consumption, and the actions lasts for 4-5 hours.

You can eat before and after the pill, but remember that too fatty food may postpone the adsorption of the medicine into the bloodstream, and it will not work as soon as it has to. It should be used with a glass of water. In case when you do not remember if have taken the tablet or not, it is better to skip the dose to avoid overdose, as it can be dangerous to your health. Cenforce 100 mg is a strong pill, higher concentration may lower the blood pressure critically. 


Men with following health problems should not take Viagra and its generics unless it is prescribed by a doctor:

  • severe deformation of penis, also known as Peyronie’s disease;
  • incidents of the unhealthy prolonged erection, which is more than 4 hours;
  • any form of blood cancer, or deformation and breaking down of the red cells;
  • any kind of heart and vessels problems, high or low blood pressure, stroke, etc.;
  • bleeding ailments;
  • ulcer;
  • kidney and liver diseases;
  • vision disorders.

The list of drugs that interact with Viagra includes:

  • nitrates;
  • alpha-blockers;
  • HIV meds;
  • hypertension preparations;
  • other PDE5 inhibitors and ED pills;
  • certain antibiotics and antifungals.

All medical conditions and drugs you take, either from these lists or not, should be reported to your healthcare specialist to make sure that you can safely take Cenforce 100 mg.

You should also contact a doctor and tell about the following adverse reactions to the medication:

  • headache that does not go away for a long time;
  • chest pain;
  • stomach upset;
  • flushing;
  • vision ailments or loss;
  • allergy symptoms, like rash;
  • running nose;
  • muscle and back pain.

Usually, the side effects are mild and do not last for long. They disappear when your body gets used to the treatment, however, there are cases of dangerous reactions of the male body to the tablets. It is important to cease medication then and ask for professional help.

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